Eco friendly furniture in schools

What is the Social Issue we are solving?


Innumerable government schools have no or poorly maintained furniture. Children do not have spaces to store their books, bags, lunch boxes etc.

Who is the Solution For?

Children in low income communities who do not have well maintained furniture.


Under-served Community where this solution can be Deployed

Government schools in urban and rural areas.


How is the Solution solving this social issue?


We build eco friendly, DIY, light weight, economical furniture for schools. These furniiture are made of upcycled metal waste, recycled tetra pack boards (eco boards). The eco boards are fire resistent, water resistent, light weight, corrossion resistent and termite resistent.

Sustainability of the Solution

The furniture constructed with sturdy, sustainable, eco friendly  materials are a long term solution for classrooms with no furniture.


Expected Outcome of the Solution

  1. Dignified classrooms.
  2. Increased interest to come to school