They deserve to study with their head held high


What is the Social Issue we are solving?

Children in Government schools and low income families do not have a basic study infrastructure like a study table. They put the books on the floor and bend or sleep on the floor and write leading to back problems, handwriting issues, eyesight problems, bad handwriting and most importantly they lack a dignified, personal study space.

Who is the Solution For?

Children from low income families who cannot afford a study table both in schools and at home.

Under-served Community where this solution can be Deployed

Government Schools, Shelter homes, Slums, Rural areas

How is the Solution solving this social issue?

The portable study table provides a private study space for children from low income families both in schools and at home. Children can now sit with their head held high while studying.

Sustainability of the Solution

Children can use this table for 3-5 years (or more) until they outgrow the table size.

Expected Outcome of the Solution

Children feel more excited to own their study space. This is bound to increase their interest in reading and writing. They also feel the dignity when they open their personal study table in front of others and get ready to write.

Testimonial from Philanthropists

“What an idea Sirji!” says one of our high net-worth philanthropist who has donated a large number of these tables to the schools in his hometown.