Let’s eat right: Nutrition board games and Nutrition awareness for underserved communities

What is the Social Issue we are solving?

  • Families from low income backgrounds do not think of nutrition as their highest priority. They think nutrition is for those who can afford it. It is important to make them understand the nutritional needs of infants, children, pregnant women, teenagers, men doing intense physical labor, people in their old age, and members with any specific health condition like anemia etc.
  • It is also important to help family members understand that good nutrition can be achieved even at low cost.
  • Further, the adults (especially women) need to be educated on healthy cooking habits.
  • And the community as a whole needs to be educated on unhealthy habits like tobacco, alcohol that are used to kill hunger in the short run but have irreversible effects in the long run.

Who is the Solution For?

Under-served Children

Under-served Community where this solution can be Deployed

Government schools, Low-income private schools, Shelter homes, slums.

How is the Solution solving this social issue?

Nutrition games help children change their mindset about nutrition. They begin to understand what is healthy for them and what is not and how good nutrition can be achieved even at low cost.

Further, as they play these games with their family and in their community, they start to spread positive message about nutrition.

They also begin to understand about the hazards of substance abuse and its impact on health.

Sustainability of the Solution

The board games can be played with children repeatedly and a structured nutrition awareness program can be structured for children in Government schools. This also becomes a long term employee volunteering opportunity.

Expected Outcome of the Solution

As children play these games, they make lifestyle changes leading to better health.

Further, children understand the effects of habits like smoking, consuming alcohol, tobacco and other substance abuse.

Testimonial by Volunteers

“Playing the nutrition games with children in the orphanage was one of the best experiences for me. I got to share so much with them. I also learnt what children from low-income families think about food items like coke, pizza, ice creams etc. Their point of view has changed my life a lot.”