The most stylish playscapes in the most under-served children communities

What is the Social Issue we are solving?

Article 31 of the UN states play as the right of every child. Unfortunately the grim reality is that today, over 100 million children in India are deprived of play. The All-India School Education Survey, last conducted in 2016, revealed that only 39% of government schools in the country have a playground. Which leaves well over half of all government schools, i.e.62%, without one. On the ecological front, 1.5 billion+ waste tyres are generated every year worldwide and 6% of those are in India. There is also an absence of a proper mechanism to recycle this waste that is generated and about 70% of this is dumped in landfills or is burnt.

Who is the Solution For?

Children from under-served communities


Under-served Community where this solution can be Deployed

Government schools, slums, shelter homes

How is the Solution solving this social issue?

We build Sustainable interactive playscapes using upcycled tyres, drums and metal playground elements for children that enable their physical and mental well being. While being a safe space for exploration and interaction, the playgrounds are also environmentally friendly as it increases the lifespan of scrap tyres and promotes upcycling and adaptive reuse.

Sustainability of the Solution

The playscapes are built by upcycling materials like used tyres, metal drums, recycled plastic boards that increase the lifespan of such materials. The process also involves sourcing materials and labour locally which cuts down carbon footprint and supports local economies.

Expected Outcome of the Solution

A playground has the power of becoming the identity of a school, locality or even a village. Setting up a playground in slums, shelter homes and government schools has shown an increase in attendance rates, decreased drop-out rates and increased outdoor time for children. Indulging in the different activities of a playground greatly benefits the physical and mental well being of a child. Learnings like collaboration, negotiation, conflict resolution are all skills children learn outside a classroom, on the playground.