Wheelchair, customized to needs

What is the Social Issue we are solving?

Movement is a law of nature and life, and mobility is a basic human right.

Every year, five lakh wheelchairs are sold in India. 95% of all wheelchairs sold in India are one-size-fits-all. They restrict mobility, damage health, and lower self-confidence. Few wheelchair users can safely and independently transfer into tricycles and modified scooters. Consequently, they are confined indoors.

Public transport and the built environment have posed insurmountable barriers, not only to leaving home, but also to their opportunities for health education, employment and leisure.

Who is the Solution For?

Persons on wheelchair who are ambitious, want to get educated, empoloyed, breathe fresh air, be independent, want to finish a marathon and Live life to the fullest !


Persons with locomotor disability.

  • Spinal Cord Injury – Paraplegia
  • Polio
  • Lower limb amputation

Not suitable for

  • Neurological causes of LD – Cerebral Palsy, Stroke. Muscular Dystrophy

Under-served Community where this solution can be Deployed

  1. Special schools for PwDs
  2. NGOs that work on rehabilitation, education, livelihoods of persons with disabilities
  3. Hospitals treating bone, locomotor, orthopedic issues.
  4. Large campuses
  5. Para-Atheletes
  6. Employable youth with disabilities

How is the Solution solving this social issue?

This is a personalized wheelchair designed to enhance health and lifestyle. It’s 18 customizations ensure a perfect fit to the user’s needs. It is efficient to propel. A 30% smaller footprint enhances accessibility of narrow spaces. It’s cushion is designed to enhance skin care, stability, & ease of transfer. The design conforms to the user’s body, making the user more visible than the wheelchair.

The wheelchair comes with a motor-powered clip-on which converts it into a safe, roadworthy vehicle. It enables wheelchair users to go out into the world, explore life, get employed and have fun! This arrangement eliminates the need to transfer into other vehicles and can be independently attached by the user. It has a maximum speed of 25 kmph and travels up to 25 km per charge.  It can be safely used on uneven terrains. It will empower wheelchair users with a low-cost mode of outdoor mobility.

The 18 user customizations are arrived at by remotely assessing 6 user measurements and 30 data-points on health and lifestyle. An easy to read prescription is generated by the clinical service and is approved by the user.

Products with comparable features are available only in the global market and are three times as expensive.

Expected Outcome of the Solution

The beneficiary wheelchair users are likely to be more independent and happier, reflected through the following indicators: Increase in distance and frequency of travel, Travel for livelihood, Improved savings OR earnings